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The documents needed to start a procedure to baptize are the following:  

1. Birth certificate of the child to be baptized.                                                               2. Sponsor letter for Godparents registered at a different parish or registration number if they are registered here.                                                                               3. Parents that are registered at another parish will need to bring permission from the parish they are registered at.                                                                                    4. Baptismal Class certificates for both parents and godparents.

For a full list or requirements please come by the office and pick up a flyer. If you have any questions regarding our baptismal regulations please contact Silvia your baptismal coordinator at (505)242-3658.

First Communion and Catechism

 Kinder through eighth grade students are welcome!                                                                   
♪The cost of registration will be $50 for one child and $75 for one or more siblings.
♪The classes will be offered Monday or Thursday in Spanish and Tuesday in English from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Requirements for registration:
· Fill out the registration form
· $25 deposit
· IMPORTANT: If your child is going to be attending a second year of catechism in preparation for their first holy communion, you will need to bring a copy of the baptism certificate along with the requirements above. 
      (this does NOT apply to students in kindergarten, 
      first or second grade)

· If your child is receiving his/her first holy communion this following year at least one parent must attend classes the entire year the same day and time. 
                                                                                                                                   We will be taking registrasions on all the sundays after mass.


Registration forms are being distributed after every Sunday mass.
The total registration fee per student is $50.
You will not be able to register your student without the following requirements:
· A copy of the Baptism Certificate
· $25 deposit
· Students 9th-12th Grade

The first class will be
Wednesday, September 8th at 6:00pm
in the school for the English class.

For the first class it will be mandatory for at least one parent to attend with the student.


In order to start a marriage file we will need a recent Baptismal certificate with notations from both the bride and groom. After you bring this paperwork in and have it approved by Daniela, the marriage coordinator, she will give the file to our priest and he will call you to set up an appointment so you can come and speak with him.

For a full list of requirements please come by the office and pick up a brochure. If you have any questions regarding our marriage procedure please contact Daniela at (505) 242-3658 ext. 103.